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Delicious grass fed beef layered with butternut squash, organic tomato sauce & diced tomatoes, organic coconut milk, organic spinach and loaded with fresh Italian herbs. Topped with our homemade cashew cheese! MORE CHEESE PLEASE!

Protein: 27g Carbs: 20g Fats: 17g Calories: 285 

Creamy yam puree layered over a hearty helping of mouth-watering grass fed beef, organic broccoli & carrots slow cooked in spiced herbed tomatoes sauce!

Protein: 27g Carbs: 25g Fats: 14g Calories: 334

Organic turkey sautéed in chipotle spice, slow cooked in organic tomato sauce, diced yams, zucchini & a heated blend of Mexican spices to make your taste buds buzz! Topped with organic fresh shredded romaine lettuce, cilantro, avocado MMM...YAMMY

Protein: 28g Carbs: 24g Fats: 12g Calories: 316

Coconut crusted flakey wild cod baked with organic cauliflower rice & broccoli, topped with our house made creamy cashew cheese and coconut flakes & fresh green chives & dilly ranch!

Protein: 27 Carbs: 5g Fats: 15g Calories: 262

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