Did you know our cafe offers 100% gluten free food in Vancouver? It’s true! We’re thrilled that our whole menu is made with whole foods that are naturally free from gluten. Many of you may be familiar with the term and what gluten is, but we’ve found that it can still stir up a little confusion. 
The gluten free food phenomenon is so much more than a fad diet. Gluten refers to the protein portion of grains such as wheat, rye, barley and more. Common foods and food products containing gluten include beer, bread, cakes, cereal, condiments, granola, fast food, pastries and more. In the past few decades there’s been an influx of conditions linked to the consumption of gluten such as Celiac’s Disease, and a host of autoimmune conditions that can attach different systems in the body and cause a wide range of symptoms.
Wheat and grains have been consumed for centuries, so what seems to be causing the spike of the above-mentioned conditions? Simply put, the wheat and other grains we’re growing and consuming today aren’t the same as what our ancestors ate and grew. Modern grains (especially wheat) have been processed to create larger yields. Another newly adopted 20th century practice is that the crops are being heavily sprayed with pesticides and herbicides. Taking all of this into account, it’s easy to understand why our bodies could be reacting to consuming such products.
With a quick Google search you can find many disorders that are connected to the consumption of gluten. They generally fall into the autoimmune, allergic and non-autoimmune/sensitivities disorders, which are umbrella terms for all of the diseases that are triggered by gluten. There are about 200 medical conditions that gluten is known to cause, contribute to, or worsen. For those with such medical conditions, gluten free food is a great option.
One of gluten’s major attacks to our health is through our gut. Our gut plays a HUGE role in our health as it helps properly nourish our bodies and protects us from foreign invaders that can make us sick. Processed grains and gluten can penetrate the gut lining creating what’s called “loose junctions”. 
With this, bigger fragments of food (and other foreign substances) can leak through the gut lining into the body, which then alerts the immune system that foreign invaders are present. These foreign invaders are identified as allergens to the body, so the immune system starts attacking them. Unfortunately, the immune system can start to get confused and over attack, which can start to negatively affect other systems throughout the body. 
Removing gluten can be profound for people struggling with diagnosed autoimmune conditions. Since the consumption of modern grains can strongly affect the gut lining, removing gluten and consuming gluten free food could also be beneficial for people who haven’t been diagnosed with a specific condition, yet struggle with normalized symptoms. These include symptoms such as skin rashes, acne, headaches, stomach aches, dandruff, bloating, heartburn, diarrhea, and more.
It’s information like this that fuels us to keep developing new and delicious recipes to serve to our customers at Festal Café with gluten free food in Vancouver! Although the glutenfree diet has been viewed as one of the latest fads, we think it can benefit everyone's digestive systems. 
Health is of course one of our main focuses, along with TASTE and convenience. So many of our customers can’t believe how tasty our menu is, being that it's made from all wholesome ingredients and zero processed sugar. 
Come visit Festal Café, the best gluten free restaurant in Vancouver, on 433 Granville St for a deliciously nourishing meal or snack! We’re open from Monday-Saturday and are available on delivery apps such as UberEats and Door Dash.