There is no denying that gluten free labels have been appearing on more and more foods and restaurants these days. To some it seems like a fad, yet to others it’s actually required for their health. Gluten free foods appear to be a healthier alternative, but is this really the case? Plus, who should eat gluten free food?
Firstly, gluten is the protein portion in grains such as wheat, rye, and barley. It basically holds things together and gives food products desirable consistencies. Common foods that contain gluten are breads, pasta, pizza, cookies, candy, beer, condiments, crackers, granola, tortillas, soy sauce, and more.
A gluten-free diet is essential for the roughly 2 percent of the population diagnosed with celiac disease. Their body is unable to digest gluten so it causes them extreme intestinal inflammation that can be very painful. 
Some people have a “lesser” condition called non-celiac gluten sensitivity, and they report feeling better on a gluten-free diet, although they don’t have a diagnosed condition. For normal people eating gluten free can have many health benefits including easing digestive symptoms, reducing chronic inflammation, boosting energy and promoting weight loss. 
Here's why:In the past decade digestion has been studied more, which has shown us the importance of maintaining a healthy digestion and how to do so. With these studies came the understanding that modern grains (and gluten) may be responsible for a lot of digestive problems. 
This is because our consumption of processed foods has dramatically increased and one of the main ingredients of these foods is processed grains. Since there is a higher demand for processed foods, we’re needed to increase the yield of grains. Cue: massive monocrops of grains across the country where pesticides and chemicals are being used so that grains grow more quickly and efficiently. 
Not only is this terrible for our environment, but it can wreak havoc on our health and more specifically our digestive systems as these chemicals are entering our bodies and triggering our immune system.
Although some people are more sensitive to gluten than others, there is a strong argument that eating gluten free foods can benefit everyone. Some people argue that grains are mandatory for certain nutrients such as fibre, protein and vitamins, however these are all nutrients that you can get from other sources that don’t contain gluten.
Gluten free foods include fruits, vegetables, meat and poultry, fish and seafood, dairy, beans, legumes and nuts. To some people the idea of eating gluten free foods seems intimidating as you have to cut out a lot of convenient and tasty foods such as pizza, sandwiches, donuts, hamburgers, and more. But nowadays there are SO many recipes and alternative food products that make following the diet quite easy.
Festal Cafe’s menu is made completely with gluten free foods. We felt the benefits of this diet firsthand and wanted to help people on their health journey, or inspire new people to consider this lifestyle. We want to spread the wealth of good health through nutrition. Although our menu is gluten free, we are constantly hearing how the taste of our food is not impacted and that no matter what diet you follow, there is something for you to enjoy. 
Whether you are craving comfort foods like sandwiches, pizza, lasagna, pasta, desserts, or more - we’ve got you covered. ALL of our food is made with naturally sourced ingredients that are free of gluten and full of nutrients and taste.
Like we said, whether you’re gluten free, are thinking about going gluten-free, or you just simply enjoy eating delicious foods, Festal Café, the best gluten free restaurant in Vancouver, has something for you.