At The Festal Café, our approach to nutrition goes far beyond what people may think is as typical healthy “Zero Fat, low calorie, or 0 carbs”.  We know the food we serve will not only satisfy your taste buds, but most importantly make you look & feel the BEST you have ever experienced! In our weekly blog posts its our mission to make you more knowledgeable about our approach to the beauty of proper nutrition your body is longing. Our Hope for you does not just survive, but THRIVE in everyday life!

We are so excited to serve you not only the best healthy tasting food, but we want to provide you with valuable knowledge how to implement today & kick start your journey on The Festal’s Mission is to feast your body, mind & spirit to whole new level of nutrition & knowledge! Are you ready to THRIVE?


At our healthy meal cafe our number one goal besides preparing a meal prep feast that your taste buds will never forget, but to feed your body with health and wellness! Paleo has become very popularity lately when research found it healing health problems without the use of drugs & prescription medication… God has provided all ways to heal our body by what we feed our bodies! Paleo is basically a gathers diet, if it is %100 natural, one whole ingredient from the earth, that it’s paleo. The only thing that is missing from the paleo diet is picking the most optimal, beneficial wholesome foods to experience a much greater, higher performance then you thought was possible… Food effects your body chemistry and especially your hormones, our hormones have a massive impact on our wellbeing in such a way that can take getting through life to LIVING LIFE… it may sound overwhelming, but it’s actually simple! Studies & Science has shown the wonders and miracles caused by our real, nutritious & wholesome food!

1.AVOID MAN MADE, EAT WHAT GOD MADE? It truly amazes me each day when I see how many people today who are suffering from endless problems with their health… The number one reason is that they consume fake, processed foods like inflammatory grains, packaged food loaded with synthetic additives, colors and flavours. This includes the greatly hidden use of MSG & the toxic sweet artificial sugars that do more damage to your body then eating real sugar! It’s time we go back to the begging of time, in the garden, where everything was organically grown, all the plants with no pesticides. Where the animals of the field graze away on the greenest grass making their meat full of nutritious omega-3 fat… It’s time we provide our bodies the way God intended us to eat & flourish. There was a reason he planted & created all ways to heal & nourish our bodies, all we must do, is EAT IT!

2.SUGAR, NOT SO SWEET AFTER ALL: Sugar causes most of the deadliest diseases & illnesses in the body (diabetes, obesity, cancer, chronic inflammation…). We are HUGE believers in eliminating most sugars in your diet to get the best benefit. This includes, pop, high sugar spots drinks, fruit juice (even if it says %100 pure juice it’s still %100 pure fructose sugar), even drastically cutting back on what you may thought was healthy like honey, agave nectar, maple syrup and completely cutting out deadly toxic corn syrup. Reducing sugar intake will significantly balance blood sugar levels for much greater long lasting energy physically and mentally and a much small waist line! In our Juice Bar Burnaby we use the natural sweetness of the ingredients for our shakes and juices.

3.EAT LOST OF FAT? The Festal movement is to get you to remove the inflammatory sugars and to replace it with healthy fats. The best quality fats that provide your body with the most optimal amounts of brain focus, energy, and nutrients is grass-fed butter, grass-fed ghee, avocados, MCT oil, Bulletproofs Brain Otane, coconut oil and of course cold pressed extra virgin olive oil! Not only does fat satisfy your cravings for sweets, but these fats also drive your body into ketosis and you will experience rapid effortless fat loss!

REMOVE INFLAMMATORY OILS: All grain derived oils, vegetable oils (corn, soy & canola oils)

4. BRAKE BREAD FROM THE GROUND?  Similar too sugars, grains also cause energy robbing, disease causing health issues. You will never find any grains when you feast at The Festal Table. Avoid wheat (gluten), corn, millet, oats, buckwheat and quinoa. You will find best carb sources right under your feet… in the ground! Load up on slow realising starchy carbs like, *organic sweet potatoes, yams, carrots, beets, butternut squash, pumpkin, plantain and my most favourite starchy root vegetable Cassava. When you break bread at The Festal Café our food is made from Otto’s %100 organic natural cassava flour! We use it for all our pizza doughs, sandwich bread & our paleo sweet treat baking!

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5. GRASS-FED PROTEIN: Fueling our bodies with high quality grass-fed protein is a paramount variable to follow if you are a meat eater! Commercially raised animals do far greater damage to your body then you may know. They are pumped full of synthetic hormones that create toxins in your body that steal & slowly rob away your quality of life! Our Vancouver meal prep menu only provides wild pastured, grass-fed beef, bison and elk and organic free-range chicken and eggs! Same holds true with fish, always buy wild caught seafood!

6. DAIRY OR NO DAIRY: I can’t go a day without my grass-fed butter, I put it in everything, even my coffees… These great coffees are called BULLETPROOF COFFEES. I promise you that bulletproof coffee with be the most absolutely amazing coffee you have ever tried! I will teach you more on the bulletproof coffees in my future blog post! I recommend removing all processed, homogenized, pasteurized and non –or low-fat dairy isn’t healthy. The only health benefiting dairy is raw, grass-fed that is full fat, which is hard to come by. If you are intolerant or sensitive to dairy (lactose or casein) I would stay away and use grass-fed ghee instead of grass-fed butter.

7.GO TO THE GARDEN: The best quality veggies is when they are local and organic. Local because they are usually in season and they absorb the greatest amounts of nutrients and sunlight. When buying imported veggies and fruits they pick them early and they sit in a box for shipment for weeks, they miss out on a lot of vitamins and minerals… Organic is imperative because it is proven that organic have much greater vitamin then none-organic but most importantly they are toxin free of all the nasty sprays! Definitely more expensive but definitely worth spending a few extra dollars!

            It’s time to look at your body & health as a gift! We must treat & nurture it with love with the goodness of what I have taught you today & with your will in making it happen. It is my greatest honor to serve you to a healthier you!

God bless you

Andrea Witthoeft

“Why spend your money on food that does not give you strength?
    Why pay for food that does you no good?
Listen to me, and you will eat what is good.
    You will enjoy the finest food.

“Come to me with your ears wide open.
    Listen, and you will find life.”

Isaiah 55: 2-3

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